updated 11/11/2022

Agricultural Policy Analysis Center

Many factors affecting the agricultural economy are resolved outside the average farmer's reach. Congress and the Executive branch—through its implementing agencies such as the U. S. department of Agriculture and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency—determine agricultural, environmental, and macroeconomic policies and regulations, which in turn impact you.

Understanding how core issues will affect your day-to-day and long-term operations doesn't have to be a guessing game. You have a partner when you connect with the Agricultural Policy Analysis Center (APAC). We are your link to critical knowledge and policy analysis to help you understand the consequences of agricultural policies and economic conditions.

For more than a decade, farmers, policy makers, analysts and others interested in and affected by agriculture-related policies have come to recognize and to depend on the reliable information APAC delivers. They use this information to interpret how external factors will influence their agricultural business decisions —and so can you.

The Agricultural Policy Analysis Center (APAC) was created in 1992 at the University of Tennessee around the newly-established Blasingame Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Policy. The center is an independent analytical organization.


Review of Blasingame Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Policy and the Agricultural Policy Analysis Center (APAC)